Surprise! My Crown Has Arrived

Apparently with everything that’s going on, people aren’t getting many crowns at the dentist, because my crown came in TWO WEEKS early.

This prompted a next day appointment and a bundle of nerves. I had originally gone in because I noticed a quarter or so of one of my teeth was… missing. It didn’t really hurt, but it was gone, so I got an emergency appointment.

Then the first crown preparation which was so miserable. They’re a good dentist team, but UGH.

This time was easier.

When they started working on the tooth, it SHOULD have been pretty painless, but she brushed my tooth with a tool and I almost levitated out of my chair.

There was a shot, but only one this time since they weren’t drilling.

Of course you have to tap tap on the black sheet to show where your teeth aren’t fitting, and my jaw wanders all over. (Thank you, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome!) She trimmed one tooth and I was like THIS IS NOT THE TOOTH WE AGREED TO WORK ON, but with everything moving it was hard to see if it fit or not so we eventually just called it good enough.

So, now I have a crown!

I had a headache the day of from the stress, and the tooth hurt for about two days, but now it’s fine, if oddly smooth in my mouth.

Huzzah that this ordeal is done! It’s beating up our finances, but it is what it is. How have your dental experiences gone? I have an I-Nearly-Died-for-Real experience that I’ll talk about some time. My friend literally saved my life by dropping in to check on me.