I wanted to try painting watercolors from tubes, so I went and snagged all of my mom’s watercolors and those of mine I left at her house.

Hers… say watercolor on one side and tempra on the other so I don’t know what, exactly, to think.

I pulled the whites because lead – also because I don’t use white in watercolor. None of the other tubes said they were toxic. I laid them out in a tray so I could let them harden and act more like pans. Just enough space!

Swatched them.

And then it was watching YouTube videos and practicing types of strokes.

Not so good at blending and mixing.

Florals are… deceptively hard. SO there’s a lot of stroke practice and no cohesive wholes yet.

But it’s fun to try!

2 thoughts on “Watercolors?

  1. So glad you got to play with them. I really like your florals. I like the colors! Kris

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