Belated Garden Update

We had a freeze during which some vile creature dug under my covers and allowed some of my tomatoes to freeze.

These photos are BEFORE that freeze, but the only plants that died were the tomatoes.

This is my Dog Deterrent. Tundra has figured out that food comes out of the dirt and has been eating dirt in a hopeless quest to find more carrots. He also eats the tops off of anything he can reach.

Enter my horseradish roots. We’ll see how he likes those when they’ve grown. Horseradish, according to the internet, is not actually dangerous to dogs, just very unpleasant.

The next is a mix of Brussel Sprouts and Salsify.



All the vines! Zucchini, squash, cucumbers, ground cherries.

A variety of root vegetables, onions, and salsify that I started early. Also so celeriac.

All the mints! Including orange, ginger, chocolate, peppermint, apple mint, pineapple mint… just all thrown together.

Kohlrabi, rutabaga, a couple other odd things.
All the berries! Thornless berries of all sorts, blueberries, two kiwi plants, and a boysenberry. We tried to frame them up so they’d stop spreading into the other beds.

Dill and those unfortunate tomatoes… I’ve bought more, I just need to put them in.

All the basils! And a rosemary.
Currants, cranberries, bok choy, service berry, cabbage, asparagus, strawberries in various states of growth.

And that’s how it stands~!