Freshening Up Our Headlights

For his birthday, I gave my husband a kit for shining headlights since his were very yellow.

I picked THIS KIT because it had decent reviews.

He tried my headlights first.

Here’s the before together.

One side before polish:

And after:

Pretty drastic change, but not as much as his had.

The other side before:

And then after:

So, a pretty big change, plus we put really bright headlights in, so it’s like I’m signaling aliens in space when I have my brights on at night.

His headlights looked a LOT worse than mine.

Yes, we have the same car practically, except his is the sedan, and mine’s the wagon.

One side before:


Isn’t that amazing? He doesn’t like how this one came out, a little blurry, but it’s SUCH a huge difference that I’m impressed.

The other before:

And the after:

Isn’t that amazing?

It’s like they’re brand new!

This set has a sealant, so they’re supposed to hold this look for a while. I’ll let you know how it goes!

2 thoughts on “Freshening Up Our Headlights

  1. Amazing difference. I’ll have to look at my headlights to see id they need polishing too. Which product did you use? Amazing results.

  2. Yours is much older than mine, so probably. I used the ‘CERAKOTE Ceramic Headlight Restoration Kit’ from Amazon. 🙂

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