Go Sequoias Go!

I took a gamble and put some of the plants from my closet outside this summer.

I was worried the squirrels would get them, but I made sure to stop feeding the birds four weeks in advance, and I had no issues other than making sure they didn’t get too much wind or rain.

Ya’ll, they LOVED it out there.

So updates!

My table as of now:

The plants in the back are the ones that went outside, and the ones in front just arrived.

My coffee plant was the least thrilled, honestly, and it didn’t do much except grow taller.

I forgot to take a photo of the pot to the lower left. It’s a vanilla orchid! It liked being outside, thankfully, but I brought it in so it wouldn’t cold shock.

But my sequoia trees, they took off!

Sequoia number one:

Compare to:

Look how small and sad the plants are here!

These two plants are at least five times the size they were when I put them outside.

Sequoia number two:

The tea plant grew SO many leaves! It wasn’t thriving before, but bringing it outside did a world of good.

Some Egyptian walking onions I stuck in that pot as a stopgap measure while I waited for pots.

These are neat in that they grow bulb as a root AND a topper on their stalk. So when the top bulb gets too heavy, the plant tips over, dropping it into the soil and rooting there, so they ‘walk’ around your garden.

My pineapple sage, one for Mom and one for me.

The one on the left is the golden version. These just arrived.

Then some aloe vera.

My bay laurel which is waiting for a large pot. This will allow me to gather bay leaves for our rice!

And a variety of mints, none of which traveled well. The strawberry mint and pineapple mint look like they’re going to die.

That’s a bummer, frankly. I was looking forward to them.

So, that’s what I have in my closet right now! I moved these all inside since the nights were dropping into the 40s.

How is your garden faring?

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