If I Say I Need Colored Pencils, I Really Don’t, Honest

I have SO MANY colored pencils and watercolor pencils.

A ridiculous amount, parts of ~12 sets or so, some of them complete.

Some of these are NOT cheap pencils, and I hadn’t been using them.

So, the next time I’m drooling over a set, I have a mantra:

I’m not Smaug.

I don’t get to hoard pencils.

I don’t get to make a colored pencil throne.

I don’t get a colored pencil empire.

They were taking up space, and it occurred that I could put them all in the same container so I can lose them all at once just for funsies.

Here’s the container:

It’s supposed to hold up to 360 pencils, but I might have pushed that boundary a little.

So, let’s go through them!

First, the set I’m actively using, my Prismacolors.

Some are missing because I’m actively using them on this piece:

The next section of Prismacolors:

The next section on the left is the end of the Prismacolors, including their flesh tone set so there’s some repeats. On the right bottom is the set of Crayola Skin Tones. Right middle has watercolor pencil gray tones and three soluble graphite pencils of different hardness.

On the bottom left, Koh-I-Noor watercolor pencils, above them some flesh tone colored pencils from a nice set, I forget which. Then some metallic watercolor pencils and the start of my nicest colored pencil set, the Aquarelles. That set continues on the right followed by two types of soluble graphite pencils of different hardness.

There’s more.

The left has my Faber Castelle watercolor pencils, and then the right starts my 100 set of Crayola colored pencils.

The remainder of my Crayola 100 colored pencil set along with an extender I have and a cap.

I’m not sure how many are in there, but IT’S A LOT.

I have one more set of colored pencils, but they’re woodless and break too easily to try and cram in here.

I need to start using them already!