My Honey Made Me Orange Chicken!

I’ve been pretty stressed lately.

Mostly because I’m pushing hard for words for NaNoWriMo!

But my husband decided to cook more, and he’s been experimenting with cooking new recipes. Mostly, he’s been trying things himself.

I’m personally a fan of any cooking that isn’t mine because I don’t have the energy right now.

But this week he started trying recipes.

The first was Peanut Butter Cookies from the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook my parents gifted us when we bought our new house.

Which, yum! He used gluten free flour and added extra butter to make sure they didn’t dry out.

This last time, he made Orange Chicken from this recipe on Alyona’s Cooking.

He had me help because he hadn’t done much frying chicken before, and I took some photos.

I didn’t thank to take photos right away, so this is the chicken AFTER it’s fried and is instead boiling in the sauce.

We used Cuties for the orange juice!

The broccoli was from my OMG THE WORLD IS ENDING WE MUST BUY FOOD paranoia, and it had… desiccated in the freezer, but it still tasted fine.

Rice for a base!

And the final:

It was SO GOOD.

I’m taking a med that suppresses my appetite, and it was slow going, but I snarfed ALL of this down because it was so good!

I mean, that’s pretty much all I ate that day except grapes, but still.


10/10 would recommend this recipe! 10/10 would recommend this husband! And you don’t actually need orange juice to make the recipe work – there are options without. Plus, she includes different ways to bake, crock pot, etc. the recipe.

Give it a try! Note that sugar substitutes will NOT work in this recipe.