GrowStalk Planters… Fail?

If you’ll remember a prior post, I went oh-so-manic and bought end of the world supplies.

Part of them were grow lights, seeds, and grow stalk planters.

Then I proceeded to evict everything from my closet and set them up. They looked nice at first, but let’s take a look at how they’re doing now!

The main planter:

As you can see, only the green beans are doing well:

So that’s the only success.

The other two planters:

This one has a few sprouts. Some even have their first real leaves coming in:

The other planter:

There have been issues with this one. Mold primarily:

Too much water? Bad dirt? I’ve NEVER had this happen before!!!

And if you water the way that GreenStalk wants INSIDE…

I have wiped down the floor SO MANY TIMES. I’m going to have to water each one independently.

And then I neglected the OTHER plants I couldn’t see from across the bedroom, and a few died…

I have quite a light set up though! Above two of the planters:

Above the other:

So… advice?

They might be an outdoors-only set up.

But I’ll have beans… maybe.