I Couldn’t Resist! And Where Is the Old One Going?

I’ve been going to my in-laws’ new house, but I don’t want to bring my computer cross country and put it at risk.

So I’ve been using my old, yellow, 8″ Kindle Fire.

It’s… clunky. Kinda battered.

Some things don’t work.

And then… Amazon had ‘Black Friday Early’.

So… I was naughty.

This is the new Fire next to my Paperwhite.

It’s huge!

And fast!

And shiny!

And not three years old!

I got the plain cover like all my other ones since I tend to beat them up. Another comparison shot:

So, what did I do with the old one, you might wonder?

Not ship it to Amazon, that’s what! Refurbished Kindles sell for way more than I feel they should on that website, and the credit you get is PATHETIC.

So, no. Hard pass.

First, I wiped it, deactivated the account, and took off all the apps I added.

Then I looked for a friend who wanted one… and no one did. I’ve either bought my friends a new one, given them an old, or they bought their own, as has my family.

Now what? I didn’t want to throw it out.

Then, while on a Facebook reader’s group, I saw someone offer their old one for free to the first response, and I was like ‘FANTASTIC IDEA!’, but I didn’t want to post on something so… huge.

Instead I went to my Favorite Author’s FaceBook Page – that’s you, Auryn and Kitty! And I posted it for free, free shipping there.

The first responses were just boosts to the posts and a few people cheering me on which was sweet. I mean, I wasn’t doing it for cheering and accolades, but they’re still nice.

Then someone popped up who wanted it, and we exchanged DMs.

So, now my old Fire is freshly charged, wiped, packaged up, and ready to ship out on Monday! I’m hoping she’ll like it. *smile*