Started My Seed Starts!

It is THAT time of year.

The time of year where garden planning becomes less wishful thinking and more action.

So on Friday, I started my tomatoes, peppers, and various types of basil!

I’m going a little unusual this year and planting hybrids too. Normally I plant everything heirloom, but this year it’s not a hobby garden.

Food’s expensive.

This garden is going to be supplementing our food and income.

SO. I have SOME heirloom tomatoes and peppers, but just the ones I plant every year because I love them. The rest are heavy bearing hybrids.

Anyway, some photos because YAY SEED STARTS!

Here’s the set up. Green tags are basil, round pots with red tags are peppers, and the rest are tomatoes.

Yes, that is a LOT of tomatoes.

I will be planting all of my existing beds with tomatoes, and I’ll be putting in new beds for potatoes. My greenstalk planters will be all greens, and one bed will be zucchini.

Close ups!

Basil and peppers.

And all the tomatoes.

So exciting!

And I was cautious this year and actually planted ONE seed per instead of trying to hedge my bets and plant three and then forget to thin them and…. yeah.

So, so… what are you planting this year? Have you started your seed starts yet?