Some Nifty Garden Planners

I have a bunch of sites that send me emails that I signed up for… mostly because they have seeds for sale.

One of them sent me a nifty email advertising garden planners and a seed sale, so you know I wandered in and browsed, which is definitely what they were hoping for.

I did not buy any seeds – I have more seeds than I have planting space.

But I signed up for their free resources and looked them over.

And two of them were particularly nice, so I actually forked out the money to get the nice, paid version.

I picked out the garden planner that you can find here:

And the succession planner that you can find here:

They both let you put in dates relevant to your location so they calculate out with one, when you should start seeds and plant, and the other when you can schedule plantings for succession plantings.

They’re not fancy, but they put care into making them, and I wanted to full, rather than the free, versions. Plus, this supports the family than runs this shop, and while I didn’t need seeds, these were a useful tool.

If this looks like something you’re interested in, take a look! And this is NOT an affiliate link, just something I like and am sharing in case you’ll like it too. *smile*