An Errant Grape Plant

I intend to turn two of the less accessible beds into grape beds this year. I intend to wrap them like I do berry canes, so I’ve been keeping an eye on what grapes are locally on sale as well as what I’ve ordered.

Tractor Supply had them in stock, and one grape plant had decided that apparently March in Wisconsin is a good time to give it a go and had started growing.

It’ll be dead by the time people start buying – I see this happen every year.

And I intend to grow grapes, I know that already.

So… I bought it.

But I can’t just leave it in its container and let it die. Watering while they’re wrapped up, prior years have shown is ineffective.

Sooooo… I potted it.

And that little grape plant took off.

When I initially potted it, there was one tiny leaf and a curl of vine.

Now, there’s a good six inches!

This isn’t the best angle to see it, but shooting on level would make it vanish into background greenery. That said, look at those leaves!

This grape plant is making a go of it!

And I might have checked Tractor Supply today to see if it had any buddies hiding there. None yet, but I’ll keep an eye out! *smile*