Seeds Starts Are Going Well!

I’ve had fairly good germination – only four tomatoes haven’t come up. The peppers are in process, and the basil has several types where the seeds are a LOT older than I should be trying with.

But, here’s some photos of the starts AND my plants. A shot of the room as a whole:

First set of tomatoes:

Only one which hasn’t come up here. And yes, these are on cafeteria trays, retrieved from an apartment basement in Madison, and I put no effort into trying to figure out where they came from. So, now they’re my gardening trays.

The second set:

Three in this section didn’t come up at all.

The third set of tomatoes, with some peppers in the round pots.

All of these tomatoes came up, and the peppers are working on it.

Peppers and green tagged basil.

I’m fairly happy with the starts, although the basil I intend to reseed some for a second try.

And on to my other plants!

Bay Laurel in the back, mint in the blue pot on the left, aloe on the right.

Then my tea plant:

Beside it, my two sequoia trees:

My coffee plant:

And my vanilla orchid, trying to climb:

How are your seed starts going? Did your plants overwinter well?