Moar Practice Baking Bread

I’ve been trying different no-knead, artisan bread recipes, and I’ve had varying amounts of success.

The most recent though, did really well!

Yes, this is wheat bread.

Yes, I’m allergic to wheat.

Did this stop me from eating it?

**scratches hives**

No, not at all.

I have a new bread cutting… device… now too.

Here it is empty.

I had to cut off part of the round loaf to make it fit.

Here it is full.


What’s nice about this bread, which is fudged together from several recipes, is that you mix it the night before, let it rise 24 hours, and then bake in a dutch oven.

Very easy.

I’m loving the results!

2 thoughts on “Moar Practice Baking Bread

  1. I like the varying sizes for slices of bread with your bread cutting board! Narrow, medium width and wide. Cool!

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