Garden Update Picture Dump!

We have been busy, busy, busy in the garden, and I’ve had a LOT of help, so thank you to those people!

So here’s some photos.

Buckwheat and sorghum
Chives I planted way back in 2013!
Some weeds, but mostly dill.
Raspberries and celery on the right bed. Grapes and volunteer onions on the left.
Thornless blackberries and… gooseberry? Not real sure. Everything I plant is edible though.
All my GreenStalks and planted hay bales.
Corn is coming up!
All sorts of vining starts.
I have THREE strawberry GreenStalks.
This is planted in potatoes.
Lavender and rosemary for my momma. Shh, don’t tell her!
Apricots, two peach starts, an apple start, two apple trees, and not visible along the garage a wall of cherries.

Busy busy!