Sound’s great, doesn’t it?  *smile*  If you’re thinking this sound scary, look at it this way: a mood disorder can only amplify a person’s existing personality.  If they were nice before they got sick, they’ll be nicer now that they are.  If they were a jerk, well, they’re just going to be an even bigger jerk.  I wasn’t scary before I got sick, so why would I suddenly become scary now?

I was diagnosed Bipolar I when I was 15 when I had my first manic episode.  I present as rapid cycling – about two weeks per swing.  When I first became ill, I would swing multiple times in a day which was a nightmare.  Fortunately, the current swing cycle gives me a lot more ‘down’ time where I’m not in one extreme or another.

Bipolar involves mood swings, and they can present as mania, hypomania, depression or mixed swings.  I also have a great deal of free floating anxiety, and occasionally I will have mild bouts of paranoia.

And here’s the nice part of rapid cycling: no matter where I am in the swing cycle, I know it will only be a few days TOPS until I feel better again.  That makes it, in my mind, far far easier to survive than the classic multi-month swing.  Horridly depressed and suicidal?  Well, I just have to live for three more days and I will be okay again.  It’s predictable enough that it’s almost a benefit.

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