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How Many Cavities Did You Say?!?

I’m an Amazon Affiliate!

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Knitting Machine Final Set Up

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Poor Tundra Got His Teeth Cleaned

Halloween: We Hand Out Candy But Tundra Is the Real Attraction

Pumpkin Carving!

Bed In A Box: Zinus

First Snow and a New Coat

Need to Buy a Mattress

Here, Doggy, Doggy!

Hey, Look, Over 100 Posts!

A Stomach Bug Is Going Around…

Happy New Year!

Christmas Goodies

Merry Christmas!

Holiday Shopping: COMPLETE

Vague But Amusing Work Things!

A New Box Spring! Hooray!

Patreon Fail

Baking for Our Church’s Cookie Sale

ELFQUEST! Or: My Husband Is FINALLY Understanding My Childhood

Guest~! In Which a High School Friend Visits Me

Tooth Drilling Success?


Fortunately, My Husband Is Very Forgiving

High Point of My Dog’s Day

Plumbing Issues or Why I Adore My Dad

Oh, That Stings!

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Surprise Homeowner Costs

Eye Doctor Fail, Insurance Success!

Kickapoo Valley Reserve

Quick Update: Dental Success!

A Real Adult and Everything

Four Years Married! Birthdays!

And Now I Need a New Box Spring

On My Wishlist: Classes – Ainu Language Class from Tribalingual

Evansville Has THE BEST Houses

Bad Things Come in Threes #3

Bad News Comes in Threes #2

Bad News Comes in Threes #1

Phone Booths Still Exist?!?

I Have a Blood Splatter on My Wall

Eclipses Would Be More Fun If Road Trips Hurt Less!

My Only Visitor Today Was a Bot Selling Visitors

Scheduling As An Adult Is Full of Angst

Not Pregnant, Just Fat

Photo Bomb!

It’s My Birthday! And my mom’s! And my father-in-law’s! And my boss’s!

Bonfire Disagreements

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My Project Position Was Extended!

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Let’s Talk About Tornadoes and This Sudden Abundance of Them

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Is it True? Is it Necessary? Is it Kind?

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