Health Issues

Here are all of the health related things!  EDS, Bipolar, Anxiety, it all falls here.

I Loathe Intake Appointments

Gut Issues, Revisted: The Guttening

Not Pregnant, Just Fat

The Biggest Difference Between Mania and Depression Is How Clean My House Is

Good News at the Doctor’s!

The Quest for Sudafed

SSDI: The Elephant in the Room

“So, there’s an elephant in my living room lately, one you’re probably not aware of or thought was a sofa or something because you’re new, but I assure you it’s an elephant.”

7 Ways to Get the Most Out of a Doctor’s Appointment

“Let’s face it: medical appointments are a necessary evil, and if we’re at all sick a frequent evil that leaves us stressed and annoyed.  It’s easy to forget things you wanted to bring up or ask about, and it’s even easier to get flustered and forget what the doctor has told you.  So, here’s my techniques for mastering that crazy.  Or at least  not melting down where anyone can see it…”