My Chickens Are Idiots

I went out to change the water for the chickens at dusk, and they'd already gone to bed. And what did I find? FOUR CHICKENS SLEEPING ON TOP OF THEIR COOP. Not IN their coop like intended. On top of it. **facepalm** Image from Midjourney AI because I couldn't get a clear photo of the … Continue reading My Chickens Are Idiots

Going to Have to Hire Pest Control

We've gotten the chickens out of the basement and treated, but the basement is crawling with either chicken lice or chicken mites. It's REVOLTING. I put in a request for a consult with a local Pest Control company. Ya'll, I"ve never sprayed for ANYTHING before, but this is too much. Advice?

Meet the Chickies!

These are our outdoor chickens, and while we'll be treating them for lice to be sure, they appear clean. Anyway, introductions! Poppy! Blue Andelusian. You can't see it well from this angle, but her butt is steel grey. She disapproves of cameras and made many disgruntled noises. Mio! Bantam Porcelain Belgian Bearded d'Uccle. She had … Continue reading Meet the Chickies!