Meet the Chickies!

These are our outdoor chickens, and while we’ll be treating them for lice to be sure, they appear clean.

Anyway, introductions!

Poppy! Blue Andelusian. You can’t see it well from this angle, but her butt is steel grey. She disapproves of cameras and made many disgruntled noises.

Mio! Bantam Porcelain Belgian Bearded d’Uccle. She had pasty butt early on, so is the tamest because I had to wash her several times a day. In the background, Morag is photobombing.

Sena! We’re pretty sure Sena is a boy, but my husband keeps hoping. Golden Laced Polish. She/He is the friendliest and easiest to catch. Just put my hands down and wiggle my fingers, and Sena comes running to be picked up. Can’t see well with those feathers though! If you have experience with Polish chickens, idea on the sex?

This is Fiora. Fiora haaaaaates being picked up, but if anything scary happens she flies to your shoulder and hides in your hair! She’s an Easter Egger. Look at that glare!

Morag. What is Morag? We don’t know. She’s the free chick that came with my order, but they didn’t tell us the breed. She’s a chicken, obviously, but what kind is a mystery. Guesses? She dislikes being picked up and will flap like a maniac given the opportunity.

This is Melia. She started out the biggest chick and was a bully, and then the others outgrew her so she gets picked on a bit. She’s a Blue Orpington. We had to separate her out for a few days to let an injury heal, but things seem to have resolved. She dislikes being picked up and wiggles immensely.

Eunie is a Barnevelder and is THE breed I desperately wanted to get. She has a greenish sheen to her feathers and a lovely golden brown lacing.

This is Mythra. She’s a Mille Fleur Bearded d’Uccle. I got two of this type because they’re supposed to be super friendly and I wanted one that my husband would like. Unfortunately, her hatch mate, Pyra, had cross beak and died. Mythra is super sweet tempered and chill.

We have three more bantams in the basement, but I’m treating them for lice and they won’t be outside for a week yet, so no photos.

Guesses on the naming convention? *grin*

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