Pretty Sure One of Our Hens Is a Rooster

Hatcheries are pretty good a sexing their chicks; it’s kind of what they do.

And out of the 11 adult chicks we have, 10 of them are probably hens.

Except for Sena, our most beautiful chicken.

We’re pretty sure Sena is a boy.

This is the best photo I have of Sena currently. He’s the head poof chicken standing on the feeder here.

His poof is spikes instead of rounded feathers like girl Polish chickens. His tail is long and not a cone like the other chickens. He stands on top of the coop and breaks up fights and shows the girls where the best things to eat are.

We’re pretty sure he’s a boy.

So now we’re trying to rehome him somewhere where he won’t be butchered because Village ordinances say HENS ONLY, NO ROOSTERS.

He’s also the tamest chicken. All I have to do is put my hands out and wiggle my fingers, and he comes running to be picked up.

To say I’m a little unhappy about this… yeah.

I’ve looked at NO CROW collars, but they can be a choking hazard for the roosters, and I don’t want him to suffer.


2 thoughts on “Pretty Sure One of Our Hens Is a Rooster

  1. We’ll find a good home for him if he does end up being a Rooster. HE/she is very sweet and I enjoyed meeting most of your flock. A ;big thank you to your husband for catching them so I could meet them. Nice coop and the door is great.

    1. Hoping she’s a girl! Today I checked on her, and the other girls had pecked her pretty tail feathers off. So right now she’s sleeping with the bantams.

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