More Work Expanding the Garden!

I spent Saturday with a friend working on my garden, expanding it out, and I’m so, SO very happy with how it looks.

And, yes, I used tires to circle where my bushes will be.

A look from my back deck:

The trellising is for my cucumbers and zuchini, but I also put it up because Tundra has decided that eating dirt out of my garden is delicious. *facepalm*

You can see that we topped up the cinderblock beds and cut back the mint.

They’re looking REALLY good. The effort we put into setting up a ‘trellis’ and wrapping the berry bushes around it was a good idea.

The further cinderblock beds:

You can see a few sticks of asparagus behind the bed on the right.

And of course more tires for my bushes.

I even left a space so that the meter reader would be sure to get in easily:

We’ll be expanding it all the way down to the sidewalk with three more full sized beds.

A shot from the other direction:

I’m really happy with how it’s turning out!

I think picking red for the mulch really lets it pop. Plus, mulch will hopefully cut down on weeding.

You can see on the near edge of the photo that there’s grass sticking out of the edging – that’s actually spread across the concrete and I’ll have to pull it. I put the edging as close to the edge of the concrete as I could.

I need to mix more dirt into what we added – the ratio of dirt to peat moss was off, but I’ll do that this week so I can start planting.

So, thank you to my friend, and I’m so excited to plant!!!