A Chill Garden Update

It’s Friday, and it’s time for some plant pictures to finish out my week.

I posted before that my tomato plants got hit by the last frost thanks to some VILE CREATURE lifting up my cover and then sleeping on top of them.

I didn’t tear them out, but I did buy new plants and plant them. Which turned out for the best – two of the worst hit ones actually bounced back.

So, photos~!

Still no activity from the horseradish.

Salsify and brussels sprouts are busy. You can see the Maple whirly gigs that I’ll have to fish out.

My chives, happy as usual. I planted them in 2013, and they’ve been going strong!

An escapee from the chives, growing where I don’t want it, but I’m letting it for now.
Buckwheat and more whirly gigs. That’s what you call them, right?
Zucchini and buttercup squash have sprouted.
A variety of plants. Mostly beats and rutabaga I think, but also onions, a salsify cluster, and celeriac.

ALL THE MINT! A whole bunch of different types in a battle royal for supremacy of the bed.

Kohlrabi of various sorts and a single asparagus that apparently thinks this bed is the place to be.

All the berries! The boysenberry? in there is doing well, and some of the sticks are growing and the blueberries have woken up.

All the tomatoes! You can see some of them have died, but two of the frost damaged ones are recovering and have new leaves. I have sugar sun cherry tomatoes and grape tomatoes. There’s dill in the far back.

Basil, rosemary, lavender, some cabbage, and a few stray asparagus sticks.

Service berry and cabbage.

Cranberry and bok choy.

Currents! I planted three current plants initially, and this is the one that, despite being weedwhacked twice, has flourished.

A close up of the currents so you can see the berries forming!

A few strawberries peeking up. The original batch had mold, so this is the second planting. It was 95% my fault for not opening their bag, but it was below freezing so I was waiting to plant them and didn’t realize they could mold.

You can’t see them from this angle, but there are two little asparagus sticks that have peeked out of the dirt. I planted this entirely with asparagus, so here’s to hoping1

In the center is the asparagus I sprouted inside, and the rest is planted with asparagus but not showing yet.

It’s spring! There are things to look at and things to water~!

2 thoughts on “A Chill Garden Update

  1. Frost did not get my tomatoes, Nova, our dog did. She tipped over most of my flowers and was going after the tomatoes when we caught her. She was exiled from the back deck while Will helped me to plant everything in the whiskey barrels and large pots. Then Will put fencing around everything so the dogs can’t pull them out again and again. Everything looked good today. Just a few stragglers to put out front. Seeds to go out next!!

    1. Oh, no! What a snot. Tundra did that the first year we were here – he saw me pick something and eat it, and now he’s a menace to my garden anytime he can reach.

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