We Had a Frost – Checking Out Survivors

I haven’t planted anything outside yet because we aren’t even past last average frost yet, but my apricots, currents, and cherry bushes didn’t get that memo.

They bloomed.

I was so excited to see the blossoms since the apricots hadn’t made a showing yet!

And then the weather predicted a frost. The bushes are too floppy to cover with sheets.

I couldn’t do anything but cross my fingers and hope.

It got down to 28 degrees Fahrenheit, and I was sure it would kill all the blossoms.

But… it didn’t! There was definitely damage on the upper apricot blossoms, but the rest of the plants seemed fine.

Our currents after the frost and after I put a tire around them.

The cherry blossoms were unfazed.

The apple trees have buds but haven’t blossomed yet. Sorry for the blur – my camera isn’t any good for close ups.

And the apricots! I lost some blossoms, but otherwise they’re doing well and have fresh buds.

Now I’m just hoping that was the last frost. I know it probably isn’t but still hoping the blossoms make it because I’d like fruit!

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