EDS and the Stomach That Wouldn’t

(Spoiler: I talk about pooping.)

I’ve been sick since the Friday before last, starting out mildly enough with a stomach ache and culminating this Friday with vomiting, whenever I eat, heartburn, and terrible gut pains.  No body aches.  No fever.

I was baffled until I talked to my mother, and she reminded me that I hadn’t, well, pooped since the Monday before last.

Constipated?  I took a stool softener and produced a little, very soft, stool, but I was still vomiting, albeit less often, and I still had heartburn.

Our next theory is an EDS (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) staple: motility issues.

I have had problems with this in the past, once even culminating in megacolon and a hospital visit.  Basically, the small muscles of her gut that move things along… don’t.

Everything stops.  This is a known EDS issue.

You vomit because there is no space for what you eat.  Same with the heartburn – all backed up!

I have taken a med for this in the past, and now I’m working on talking to my Doctor about getting it again.  She’s a new-to-me doctor, but she’s familiar with both EDS and my family, so we’ll see what she suggests I do.  (EDIT: Medication success!  Now to see if things move along…)

Until then, it’s ‘avoid eating and hope’, I guess!

What really bugs me is that I missed some work for this, and it’s a stupid reason.  I should be more observant and self aware than to think I have a bug!  *grimace* Embarrassing.

Are you oblivious to your body’s signals?  I know I can be!