The Biggest Difference Between Mania and Depression Is How Clean My House Is

It’s no secret that depression often includes a lack of energy and general apathy.  My house often reflects this.  My husband cleans, but when I’m depressed I can barely dress, cook for myself, and attend work, much less do dishes and laundry.  So, while the house isn’t impossible, there’s only so much my husband can keep up with.

And I’m naturally a clutter bug, so I’m sure this makes it a million times more frustrating for him.  I can NOT seem to put an item away after I use it.  I’m sure I’ll need it again soon or something, because I set it down and create growing piles of clutter.

So that’s my house on depression.  On the other hand, mania comes with a glorious rush of energy and most often I turn that energy to cleaning my house.

This weekend, I may have been a little manic.  I sorted two years worth of crushed boxes, tied them off, and put them out to be recycled.  I did the same with 3+ years of newspapers.  The stack was about hip height on me since it’s a thin, free paper that comes weekly.

Out to the curb with it!

Then, I did ALL the dishes.

And cleared my kitchen table where I had apathetically been leaving trash and paperwork, not to mention dishes.  Gross, right?

Swept some of the floor – my husband did most of this because he can bend over, and I can’t.

Threw out expired foods from the kitchen cupboards along with food that we will realistically NEVER EAT.  Sorted cupboards and pulled out junk Tupperware to make room.

Went through a foot deep pile of paperwork covering my entire desk, then sorted and filed it.  The oldest items were from September of last year!

Picked up around my computer desk.

Crushed cans.  I leave cans EVERYWHERE.  I mean, I have to stay awake, and my caffeine addiction helps with that, but seriously?  I never crush cans.  Another thing that I’m sure makes my husband nuts.

Even made ice cream.  This was at the end of the day, but it still counts.  I spent 4+ hours cleaning.  Kind of ridiculous, right?  I wish I had this much energy everyday.

How does your house fare?  Are you methodical with your cleaning or do you clean in spurts?  Inquiring minds want to know!  *smile*

2 thoughts on “The Biggest Difference Between Mania and Depression Is How Clean My House Is

  1. cleaning in our house only seems to happen when we have people coming over and even then it depends on the people coming. We have some friends that have seen it a mess and so they usually see it a mess. That being said, I`m realizing that in my house i`m the only one that seems to clean, I learned that this month when I was gone for 3 out of 4 weeks and came home in small spurts between camping. The first week the house wasnt too bad when I got home, the second week the house was a disaster zone and this last week my kids where with me and only hubby was home and even though I had cleaned up in the one day I was home before leaving again I came home to a huge mess that I made worse while looking for birth certs. Oh well, time to get the house back into order…. it could be worse at least my kids are happy and we spend time with them!!

  2. Kind of like when i left for a week to find my blender and pot full of maggoty split pea soup? I had to toss the blender because the seal would NOT stop stinking. :/

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