Reverse Harem: A Surprising (and Engrossing!) Genre I Wasn’t Aware Of

I read.

I read a lot, although I tend to stick to Fantasy and Urban Fantasy.  I love magic and supernatural things!  Paranormal Romance is okay but a little too heavy on the romance, which does make sense as it IS romance, but it isn’t my preferred genre.

I also read Young Adult (YA) in a variety of genres, as I absolutely should, even if I didn’t already enjoy it, because I write in it.

So I have a general idea of the types of genre available from the spread of what YA covers, although I’m not terribly familiar with Romance’s sub genres.

All well and good.

I downloaded a  free YA Book when it was on BookBub and finally got around to reading it.  (C. L. Stone’s ‘Introduction’)

It’s a YA Romance with quite a few love interests.  Okay, but it’s good, and I read the following books.



This is a thing?  Apparently it is!  It’s Reverse Harem, and it’s exactly what it sounds like – one girl who ends up with ALL the love interests.  (Books where it’s a girl and guy friends and she doesn’t end up with more than two of them is NOT Reverse Harem apparently.  That’s Menage Romance?)

But I fell in love with the characters, and this author!  She joined an anthology and a reverse harem Facebook group, and I followed.  The anthology had some great authors in it and expanded my reading, and the Facebook group had tons of great suggestions.

I’ll admit it.  I finally got a Kindle Unlimited account, and it was just so I could try out a bunch of series and not have to pay through the nose.  I’m LOVING IT, by the way!  And my book costs have dropped by ~$90 a month at LEAST.

That aside, I have to admit I’m enamored with the complex relationship dynamics of thesee books.

And I have a new favorite author!

B. L. Brunnemer – She has three books out so far.  The writing isn’t as polished as it could be, but she’s obviously put a ton of work into it and had it edited, so the quality is great.  And I’m SO addicted to this series!  I joined her Facebook group, and daily people show up squeeing ‘I had to join!  I just found you!  WRITE MOAR!’  She’s also super accessible and friendly.

I adore her characters, so I’d say check her out!

Don’t worry, J. C. Andrijeski, you’re still first in my heart!  You’ll just have to move over and make a little space.  You too, Patricia Briggs. *smile*

Do you have any authors you just adore?  What genre’s do you read?  Even better, what genres do you write?  Would you be interested in a series of posts on my all time favorite authors, including self pubs?


2 thoughts on “Reverse Harem: A Surprising (and Engrossing!) Genre I Wasn’t Aware Of

  1. hmm reverse harem stuff though. lol I just think of all the animes where there is some girl who can’t defend herself and she needs the harem cause otherwise she would be rip. I am trying to read the Eragon series but I am more into my crochet right now and I don’t want to do an audio book so maybe someday I will pick it up again.

    1. Ha! Yeah, if I were sucked in an anime I would need a harem just to stay alive! I haven’t read Eragon? Why can’t you read it and crochet?

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