Chili Cook Off!

Our church’s Chili Cook Off was this Sunday, and I participated just like usual.  It’s for some Mission Trip or another.  I’m an awful person because I don’t pay any attention and just want to support the church.

It’s ten dollars to compete, and I always compete.  Not because I’ll ever win, but because that’s ten dollars for the church.  And I often put a free will offering to cover my husband if he comes.

And usually when I enter, I’m put at the end of the line and keep most of the chili so I have meals for a week.

Yeah, no.  I was the sixth to arrive and was put at the very front.  So there was barely a ladle full left at the end.  *sniff*  I spent all Saturday evening making a Ketogenic Chili from scratch, and every time I sampled it was delicious.

I only had a bowl full.  And that was at the cook off because, since I’m allergic to mushrooms and mushrooms are often in pasta sauce, none of the other chili was safe for me.

So my church got a donation, and my neighbors got chili, and I’m sitting here trying to figure out what to make for this week’s meals.

But I did get to spend time chatting with my mom and husband and neighbors.  So I think I came out ahead.  *smile*


2 thoughts on “Chili Cook Off!

  1. The youth mission trip is for our church and community youth to go and help poor and elderly with home repairs that they are unable to do themselves. They have re-roofed houses, put on new decks, cleaned siding, raked yards, put on new siding and other things that the people were unable to do themselves. This is the 7th or 8th mission trip. They have gone to Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Montana, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Washington DC to help elderly and poor with other church youth from the United Methodist Churches. They usually stay at a local church.

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