Ocooch and Content Editors

The Ocooch Mountains novel’s first draft is coming along – I have just over 35,000 words.  That’s about 1/3 of the way there for a first draft in this genre!  I’m working hard on trying to make sure I write at least a little every day.

Prior to this, I had written during NaNoWriMo primarily, and I burnt myself out regularly and then wouldn’t write for six months.   Also, you can do anything short term, but it’s a sign of good discipline to be able to do it long term.  Pushing hard through NaNo was also very disruptive in my life, frustrating for my husband, and produced, well, wordy first drafts that were pretty awful.

So, trying to make it a habit, trying to do a good job of it, you know?  Less revision later is the hope!

On the subject of revision, I had gotten a quote for a content editor I liked, and she quoted $2000 or so.


There’s NO way we could afford that.  And so I’ve been pretty upset.  I mean, there’s a contest I might enter to hopefully get help, but how could I win without feedback on my draft?


Holly Lisle, you come to my aid again.

I noticed a new link on her website… to sponsored editors.  That’s editors she knows personally and vouches for, usually students of hers.  And those quotes were $1000 or so.  That’s better but still too much.


IF you have bought THREE of her major classes (AND I HAVE!) the cost dropped to about $500.

This we can afford.

So, I’m trucking along on my first draft, and I’ll edit it before hiring a content editor.  It will take a few months to build the money up because we’re paying down hard on our credit card at the moment.  We want to clear that debt and snip it up!  (Ask me about Dave Ramsey sometime…)

There’s hope in the wind though!

Do you write?  What do you enjoy reading?  Inquiring minds want to know!  *smile*