Grow Light Huzzah!


I received a grow light for Christmas from my mother-in-law and it’s WONDERFUL.  I’ve wanted grow lights for years, and so this was super happy making!

This was the sole reason we cleaned the basement!

Here’s what it looks like assembled:


It was moderately easy to put together, but I wasn’t able to push all of the joints closed.  A lot of the joints looked like this:


And here’s what they looked like on:


Isn’t it lovely?  Do you have grow lights?  What advice do you have for using them?  Inquiring minds want to know!

4 thoughts on “Grow Light Huzzah!

  1. What a cool idea! It’s funny, the only time I ever hear about anyone using a grow light here in South Florida is if they’re growing something “illegal”, so it never even occurred to me that folks up north would use a grow light for just growing “regular” plants indoors! 😂

    1. I live in Wisconsin, so you can either pay to buy live plants in the spring… which isn’t cheap… or try to start them yourself. I’ve wanted to try starting them for years! *smile* It gives you more control over what you grow.

      I’m sure people here use them for growing something illegal, but I prefer tomatoes. Also, this light makes it look like I’m signalling aliens when it’s on and it’s dark out. I don’t know how you could hide something this bright!

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