Herbs for my Grow Light!


This was another of my Christmas presents, from Sustainable Seed Company, although I got them through Amazon.  This is the set I got.  (Spoiler: affiliate link!)  It was kiiiiind of one I picked out for myself… I did all of the Christmas shopping, so this is what my husband gave me.

But I love that Sustainable Seed Company focuses on heirloom vegetables, and I’ve had good luck with their seeds before.

The back of the package with list of what it contains:


And the individual seed packets:


They come with a guide as well, and you KNOW I couldn’t wait to play with them.  I have planted them already, but I don’t have the photos on the computer yet, and all but lavender have sprouted!  I’ll get new photos for next week.  *smile*

I’ll also have to show some of the seeds I got from Baker Seeds!

Have you started seeds inside yet?  *raises hand* Guilty.  These aren’t ones I intend to put outside though, so it didn’t seem like it would really matter, and it would be a great way to test my grow light.  What advice do you have for growing herbs inside?  Inquiring minds want to know!  *smile*


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