What, Exactly, Is That Plant?

SO MUCH greenery is coming in, so I took some photos for you!  First the ones that I could identify and then our mystery plant.

Here’s is our rhubarb, already going strong:


The lilac bush growing leaves:




The few cherry bushes that survived rabbits this winter:




The lavender that has come back:


And… whatever this is?  It grew in a section where I dumped all the freebie seeds due to lack of motivation.  I THINK it’s Kohlrabi, but I’m not entirely sure:


Whatever it is, it’s happy growing!

How is your spring looking?  Is everything budding?  Inquiring minds want to know!  *smile*

One thought on “What, Exactly, Is That Plant?

  1. Wow! Rhubarb and chives are looking SO healthy! All of your trees look like they are just ready to burst into full spring mode! I was going to guess cabbage on the mystery plant but I have no idea,lol.

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