Tundra’s Crate Since It Has Come Up Several Times


This is just a post showing the crate we have for Tundra and the set up.  I’ve had people ask on a couple Facebook conversations, and I’d like to have a post I can send them to.  *smile*

The first photo is a size/location comparison.  He can turn around easily in the crate and often sleeps in it (with the door open) when he’s disgusted with us.


Brand sticker!

He used to rock it around the living room when he was in it and destroyed anything he could reach…. curtains, carpet, and half a couch cushion most notably.

And here’s a photo of how we have it bolted to the walls.  There’s a wooden piece lengthwise that keeps him from damaging the dry wall.  We have it bolted like this on opposite corners.  We had to drill into the plastic to set the eye hooks.


And that’s the set up for him!  He can’t bounce around the room, and he can’t knock stuff off the top anymore so I put my gardening stuff there.

*smile* Probably not of great interest to you, really just a post for my own convenience.