New Grow Bed and Planting!

Today my husband was SUPER NICE, and we put in a new grow bed, and I planted a ton of stuff.

It’s a little earlier, so I just grabbed the truly out of control plants to put them in the garden.  They’re a little wilty, but that’s because I hadn’t watered them yet today and they’re close to being root bound.

Here’s the new bed:


I planted tomatoes and peppers in it.  I’d already lost some peppers so I was running out of time!  And, yes, that’s asparagus on the left.

We’re looking at shoring them up with cinder blocks this year, but it will be a bit yet.

Carrots, onions, radishes:


I had some volunteer onions, leeks, and carrots come up, so I filled this bed with a couple of variety of carrot seeds and… Daikon Radishes!  They’re a giant radish from Japan, and I’m crossing my fingers!!!  I actually like slicing radishes and frying them like fries for a keto friendly snack, but the little ones are so finicky.

The herb bed:


Lavender that survived the winter, and I just put in two types of basil that had gotten leggy and huge.  I saved some of them in case a frost kills them.  I’ll be putting most of my herbs here because this bed is twice as tall as the others and easier to reach without bending and risking my back.



Our new trellis, and some peas.  I need to seed again and I’ll be putting beans around in this bed too.  I picked varieties with colored pods so I’d be able to pick them easily.

And my fruit bed:


The thornless raspberry from last year spread out quite a bit, and I have five new berry bushes… and, yes, I used chopped up Solo cups to make it clear where they were so I wouldn’t accidentally pull them.  We had to go and BUY them because apparently we don’t party enough and there weren’t any in the house.

There are two blueberry plants in the middle, and one tiny stick from last year.  They weren’t in the plan, but I couldn’t resist – they already have berries on them!!!

And here’s our one surviving currant bush:


It’s really flowering which is hopeful!  It turns out I planted it in a poor place so far as my plans go, but I don’t dare disturb it when it’s doing so well!

And finally, our chives:


They have survived since 2013 when I first planted them on our deck!

I know there’s a lot of weeds and junk on the ground.  I let the garden go last year when I was really struggling and sick, and I haven’t pulled and cleared everything yet.  But I’m happy to be playing outside again!

And, as an aside, the new med change seems to be working so far, AND I haven’t gained any weight.  Here’s to hoping!

How is your garden doing?  Do you use raised beds?  Do you have any advice for them?  What are the plants you plant every year because they work so well?  Inquiring minds want to know! **smile**

3 thoughts on “New Grow Bed and Planting!

  1. WOW! Your garden is filled with so many amazing plants! I’m glad some of your closet jungle made their way outside, lol! So those are grow bags, they are fantastic. What a brilliant idea for raised beds. You have such an amazing variety of plants, you are going to be eating so well this summer. Super curious about your Japanese giant radishes, hoping they grow like crazy for ya!

    1. We have to frame up the grow bags soon; we’ll probably use cinder blocks. And I always go overboard buying plants. 🙂 I hope the radishes take! They make good fries.

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