Strawberries and Cream Season!

Driscolls strawberries are showing up in stores, and I am STOKED.  Strawberries are my favorite fruit (closely followed by watermelon), and I stuff myself full of them when they’re in season.  The best brand you can get here, by far, is Driscolls.

I’ve bought 8 containers of them so far, and I’ve been having them with cream!  They’re yummy enough that they don’t need sugar.  I shared with family, but easily half was all me eating them.

They’re not really Keto, so I’ve cut myself off now, but they were AMAZING.

I have strawberries in my jungle closet that I’m trying to grow, but most of them are less than 1 cm tall.  See:


And I have one larger one that was the only one that grew from that seeding:


They’re slow growing, and I had considered buying big ones, but NOT ONCE have the plantings I’ve done with big ones grown.  So here’s to a new try!

What is your favorite fruit?  Do you grow it?  When is it in season?  Inquiring minds want to know!  *smile*

6 thoughts on “Strawberries and Cream Season!

  1. I have a strawberry plant too! Love strawberries! 🍓 finally had some good gardening weather so I got the flower beds all done! Check out my blog post to see some pictures! 😊👍

    1. What kind of beds are you using? We have grow bags that we’ll be framing up with cinder blocks once we’re happy with where they are. 🙂

  2. We go through a ton of strawberries too, I totally agree with you that they are SO delicious!

    Your little strawberry plants are SO tiny! I guess so if ya think about the size of the seeds, lol.

    My fav fruits are blackberries and mangoes. I do grow blackberries and I think I will be able to eat a few any day now! In the meantime I’ve been buying them like crazy from the grocery store. They are in season right now.

    I do not grow mangoes, boo. Wish I did have a tree though! They aren’t too pricey at the grocery store though, about $1 each give or take.

    1. I love blackberries and mangos too! It isn’t season yet here, but I have a few thornless blackberry plants in the garden. What I’d really like to grow though is a pawpaw… they’re native to the US! And apparently taste awesome. 🙂

  3. It’s a large berry! Asimina triloba is the North American version. And from wiki: Pawpaw fruits have a sweet, custardish flavor somewhat similar to banana, mango, and pineapple, and are commonly eaten raw, but are also used to make ice cream and baked desserts. I want to try one so bad! And I’m always enthusiastic about reintroducing native plants.

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