Starting Moar Plants!

I have all my seeds now, so it’s time to start my plants!

Last year I started in December, which was ridiculous and led to very leggy, frail plants..  Lesson learned!

I used glow in the dark pots, of course.

Here’s where I sorted what would go into pots, and I set the rest aside for direct sowing.

DSCN4359 resize

It took about 45 minutes, and I spritzed them to set the seeds that have to lie on top into place.  Once the top layer had dried and hardened, I pour water carefully into the pots.

Here’s everything I have planted:

DSCN4361 resize

The tea plant is in the back left.  The middle two white pots are Sequoia trees, believe it or not.  The white pot on the far right is my sad, sad coffee plant.  I… forgot to water it for a few days, and that in combination with how chilly the house is killed it.  There’s a few desperate leaves hanging on though!

I have onions for starting green onions in the back left.

And I have some plants coming up already!

DSCN4362 resize

Two types of basil.  I planted SO MUCH basil this year, all different types!

And a purple basil:

DSCN4363 resize

Isn’t it cute!

Now it’s the water and wait game.  We’ll see how many come up!

Have you started your plants?  What are you intending to plant this year?  What grows best for you?  Inquiring minds want to know!