Meal Prep: Bean and Bacon Soup

In preparation for getting sick with the Corona Virus, I did some meal prep.  I made Bean and Bacon soup!

From dry beans!

And so much bacon!

Here’s the recipe I used.

I tweaked it a little bit.  I have a vegetable chopper, so I chopped all the veggies finely so that they won’t be hard to chew or eat.  I wanted nothing larger than the beans.

I used pinto beans for the base.

I forgot to put the bay leaf and tomato paste in.  Oops!

Here’s what it looked like simmering along:

DSCN4373 resize

The pot was so big I had to have it on medium to get the top third to simmer.  It was my grandmother’s, and I suspect it was old when she got it.

Then, I ladled it out into containers:

DSCN4377 resize

I saved enough for my husband and I to both have a bowl.

And then into the freezer it went with my other meal prep:

DSCN4383 resize

On the right you can see some beef stew and chicken and broccoli hot dish.  It was supposed to be hot dish, but it turned into soup anyway.

I left one container out so I could eat it for lunch the next day – I didn’t want any surprises with it turning out to be nasty when it isn’t fresh.

I intend to cook Chicken and Rice soup today, so I’ll have more pictures of prepping later.

What preparations have you made for being sick?  Inquiring minds want to know!

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