Green Onions, Meet My Belly!

It’s still a little cold outside, but I decided to start some green onions inside.

I use the standard onion starts and just grow them tall enough to be a green onion.  Then I cut them, toss the remaining start into my outside garden to grow or not, and I have fresh onions for cooking!

These are the starts I grabbed a bit ago:

DSCN4410 resize

Before I got these, though, I used the remainder of last year’s starts to try and grow some.  Going well so far:

DSCN4409 resize

Not all of them sprouted, but that’s okay.  I’ll let them grow until they start to bend over and then harvest them.  Then, I’ll start a new batch!

Traditionally, I’ve been growing these outside, but it occurred to me that I could start them early inside and have an easier time of it.  I’ll rotate plantings after some of my seedlings have been moved outside so that I can have them whenever I like.

What types of foods do you like green onions in?  Do you grow them yourself?  Do you prefer green onions or regular onions?  Neither or both?  Inquiring minds want to know!  *smile*