Meal Prep: Moar Bean and Bacon Soup

We’ve had a lot of down time lately, so I cooked another batch of Bean and Bacon soup.  The post where I cooked it last time with the recipe is here.

I soaked three pounds of pinto beans:

DSCN4412 resize

I knew how much space they would take up this time, so I didn’t have escapees.

This time I chopped the vegetables instead of mincing them:

DSCN4413 resize

You can see the Ulu I use in the back – makes it MUCH easier to cut vegetables.  I used beef bouillon this time instead of chicken.  They were hard to crush, so my husband used a meat mallet.

I forgot to take a photo of the bacon.  I just used kitchen scissors and cut it into the boiling pot.

Cooking away:

DSCN4414 resize

I used bigger meal prep containers this time, but it still filled quite a few:

DSCN4417 resize

And, of course, we had to sample it:

DSCN4416 resize

Tundra was Very Unhappy that we didn’t share and made his best begging faces.  He did get to lick out the pot later once it had cooled.

DSCN4421 resize

Turned out delicious, and we have that much more food stored that’s easy to heat up and eat.

What types of meal prep have you been doing to deal with the Corona virus?  Do you have any favorite recipes that you go to time after time?  Inquiring minds want to know!