Helpful Links: How to Put a Rib Back in Place

I’ve been pretty open about the fact that I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. While it’s a minor annoyance or medium pain most of the time, sometimes it’s a real problem.

Like when my ribs slip out of place.

For years, my brother (he’s 6′ 7″? 9″?) would hold out his arms, I would hook my arms over them and then hang in the hopes that it would pull my rib back into place.

It worked well on back problems, but it wasn’t always enough for ribs.

Having your rib out is no small thing – it doesn’t matter how you stand, sit, or lie down, it hurts.

Thankfully (not so thankfully that they had this issue) other people have found a solution. Henceforth I bring you this video: How to Place a Slipped Rib Back in.

This woman and her daughter took the time to show other EDSers how to resolve what was, for me, a chronic issue. Now it’s a once in a blue moon issue, and I REALLY appreciate that.

So, is your rib out of place?

Here’s a solution!