ITJFU: The Fitness Marshall YouTube

I’ve been looking at ways to get more active, and I found The Fitness Marshall channel through some recommendations from The Simple Dollar. (I follow the newsletter posts from the original owner of this site, not the junk that they advertise on the website.)

The Fitness Marshall channel is dance exercise, and it’s a lot of fun. He’s charming and enthusiastic, he dances with people who are overweight or not fit, and they do their best, enthusiastically, to keep up with him. Sometimes he’ll have an easier and a harder version.

The music is upbeat, and I already like some of the artists.

His channel:

fitness marshell youtube

I’m terrible at it.

I can’t do the full range of motions they have.

I can’t stay on the beat or in time with them.

I occasionally fall over.

But I like doing them, and I hate exercising. Take a look and see if they’re a good fit for you!