Working with a Cover Artist and Angst

I’m working with InaWong on cover art for my book, and she’s amazing!  Here is her DeviantArt commissions page so you can see what other art she’s done.

So far, she’s sent sketch ideas, and I okayed one.

Last night she sent a WIP to check on layout. It looks really good!


(The art has been amazing, but I’m not sure if she’s okay with me sharing, so you’ll just have to believe me until I get the final.)

There’s a downside though… if people see a cover this nice, they’re going to expect an amazing book. My book is not amazing. It’s not even close to amazing. I’m waiting for beta reader feedback on problems I’m having.

I need to work on description and senses.

I suspect I need to weave another story line into the story.

It’s SO FAR from amazing.

I knew I would need to hire an editor to go through my novel and give me feedback, but I’m trying to get as much as possible done before I spend that money to keep costs down.

So, amazing cover!

Not so amazing book.

The angst is real, folks.