Sure, Go Ahead and Garden Without Me

It was a drizzly evening a few nights ago, overcast and cool, so I decided to take advantage of the weather and weed my garden. My cucumbers and watermelon were buried.

It’s pretty overgrown, but one bed was especially bad.

I sat on our new cinder block frames (just the right height to sit and weed!), reached in, pulled a plant…

And out popped a radish.

Ya’ll, I didn’t plant radishes this year.

I pulled all of them and set them aside for my mom and moved on. Mom loves radishes!

Pulled a plant…

Found a carrot. I haven’t planted carrots in several years.


A parsnip. It’s been at LEAST three years since I’ve planted any.

My garden is just going at it this year!

I was more careful in what I pulled, focusing on what I KNEW was a weed. I found dill all over. I planted it in one of my beds, but the squirrels dug it up. So now I have dill everywhere except in my bed.

Such is mother nature! I’m glad everything is growing well. *smile*

How is your garden going this year? Inquiring minds want to know!

4 thoughts on “Sure, Go Ahead and Garden Without Me

  1. Squirrels do a bit of rearranging in my gardens as well, so sometimes there are odd combinations or a missing plant is discovered in another bed. I don’t mind them moving and replanting, but I hate it when they just dig them out and let them lay, or cut them off at soil line. And it’s usually the most expensive, or the ones that took longest to finally get to planting-out size! Such is gardening…

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