Cold Process, No, But Melt and Pour?

I’ve posted before about the amazing YouTube channel, Royalty Soaps, that you can find here.

royalty soaps

Katie has, most recently, had some beginner videos for cold process soap, including handling lye safely, safety gear, clean up, and she walks you through making three different soaps. She also links to the cheapest supplies she could find, including tools you can find at the dollar store. She wants to make soap making NOT cost an arm and a leg.

I had a lot of fun watching these videos and was feeling inspired, however… I have no safe space to set aside for soap making, and I have a giant floof who wants to be underfoot whenever you’re doing something. Add to that, I’m afraid of lye!

BUT, in Katie’s videos she suggests melt and pour as a less intimidating option, and she has several videos on melt and pour imbeds. As a resource, she directs us to the Soap Queen’s website, found here.

soap queen

The Soap Queen has a variety of soap making hobbies, one of which is melt and pour. Looking up her YouTube channel, found here, I learned that she runs Bramble Berry! A peek at her YouTube:

soap queen bramble berry

And then the Bramble Berry website, found here:

bramble berry

Katie on Royalty Soaps recommends her website frequently, so I was familiar with the name.

So, I watched Katie’s cold process videos, decided it wasn’t for me, and went to the Soap Queen’s website… where it turns out the melt and pour projects she creates are more my style. Not only that, but as soon as they’re hard they’re usable instead of being forced to wait for weeks.

Ya’ll, I couldn’t resist. I ordered melt and pour soap supplies. Instead of buying everything I wanted, I decided first what I wanted to make. My favorite soap scents are Mint Rosemary and Mint Lavender. So, I thought I would do two batches since I couldn’t decide which.

I couldn’t find Mint Lavender without buying from a random website though, so I ended up going with Lavender Chamomile. I picked out the bare basics to spend as little money as possible! Part of my order was from Nurture Soap, part was from Bramble Berry, and a few items were from Amazon.

(Note that NONE of my links in this post are affiliate links – I know it’s link heavy, but I want to give fair credit!)

Now it’s a waiting game? Will my soap making supplies arrive before my birthday/my mom’s birthday/my father-in-law’s birthday? With shipping how it is right now, nobody knows.

I’ll let you know how it goes when they arrive! Do you have any interesting hobbies? Do you do soap making? Inquiring minds want to know!