What Did You Find in My Hostas?

Our neighbor knocked to let us know that we had a cute hiding in our hostas in the front yard!

Here’s a photo:

turtle 2020 06 19

She appears to be a Blanding’s Turtle, and I reported her sighting to the Wisconsin Turtle Conservation Program. (You can report sightings here.)

She was pretty big – maybe the size of a dinner plate around, and she had long legs.

She approached the road, so my husband moved to help her cross, and she was having none of that. She about faced and trundled back down towards the river.

My husband took photos, but this is the only one that turned out.

What was she doing in my hostas? Hopefully laying eggs!

We see a lot of turtles here because we’re right by the river, so I’ve been reporting them in hopes of getting a better crossing area for them. Hwy 60 is not a good place for turtles!

Do you have turtles in your area? Or tortoises? How often do you see them? Inquiring minds want to know!