I Mades a Bread!

I’ve been experimenting with baking bread, and the last two were very dense, but edible.

I checked my yeast, and it expired in 2017.

Well then.

Armed with fresh yeast and a cast iron bread pan, I tried again.

It rose very nicely!

I overcooked it by just a few minutes, so the top started to burn, but it’s an actual loaf of bread!

Dramatically lit bread loaf.

A better photo from the other side:

Like I said, a tad dark on top, but the bottom sounded nice and hollow! I even dragged my husband out so he could hear what it should sound like.

And of course, as soon as it cooled, I had to sample some!

The slices are very small, but I have several different bread pans I can try.

What do you think?