Don’t Count Your Eggs Before They… Go Bad?

Eggs are a cheap protein, and so we tend to use them a lot.

But I go through stages of what I want to eat, so I’ll sometimes abandon a food for my husband to eat. And all it takes is finding one rotten egg for him to refuse to touch any of them.

And that’s how you end up with 54 eggs that expired in September.



Of last year.

I bought some new eggs this week and then looked up how to check if the eggs were any good. The float test seemed most reliable, so that’s what I went for.

Batch number one:

Yes, they’re ALL floating.

Batch number two did the same, but I tossed in an egg from the new ones as a control just in case I did something wrong.

You can see the control, nicely sunk on the right.


All 54 eggs failed the float test and made a trip out with the trash.

Thankfully, I usually buy my eggs at ALDI for between 33 cents and 60 cents usually, so it wasn’t a huge loss financially, but I’m kicking myself for wasting that much food!

And the sign my husband made for me:

Enough said.