Cleaning for the House’s Appraisal

We’re expecting the appraiser to come on Tuesday and HOPEFULLY tell our bank our house is fabulous and totally worth lots of money.

Which means we started cleaning when I got up on Saturday morning, pushed until dinnertime, and then resumed Sunday morning.

I gave up in the afternoon with the dishes and part of the bedroom remaining, including putting fresh sheets on the bed.

And since I’ve been working like crazy, here are my self affirming shots of what I’ve achieved!

I started with my desk.

I added some cord holders next to my desk to try and keep the cords under control.

The dog’s kennel corner where we store the bird seed and guitars..

The plants I tried to grow inside were a resounding fail and spreading fungus flies, so those were relocated to the porch for a hard freeze.

My husband’s space! He bailed and turned his computer screen off so I could take the photo. There are fans everywhere in our house because our dog loves them.

A cozy couch reading space. The chest on the left, my husband’s grandfather made for him.

I relocated all of my 5 gallon buckets of food supplies so that the dining room would look neater.

You can see my mood tracker on the table where I try to track my swings to make sure my meds are working. Also note the ridiculous amount of medication I take to stay stable.

My closet with neatly sorted 5 gallon buckets. Furthest stacks are jasmine rice, pinto beans, wheat berries, then wheat flour (the short stack), and the closest stack has oatmeal, gluten free flour, and an emergency ‘stuff’ bin. I put the bucket in active use on the top of each stack, and everything is labeled, most of them with dates, so I can rotate through.

My husband did all of the bathroom. We recently bought a pack of glass crayons and have been leaving messages for each other. *smile* The embroidered rose curtain came with the house, but someone spent time and effort making it, so I left it up.

In the bedroom, which isn’t entirely done, my food storage area is neatly sorted. And, yes, I use the storage. What good does having supplies do if you don’t know how to cook with them? The #10 cans are from Augason Farms. And of course, books.

Our hallway that leaves a straight line from one end of the house to the other. We live in a shotgun house, and our malamute looooooves to run his zoomies from one end to the other, bouncing off the back windows and the bedroom door as he goes.

Yes, those are two boxes of printer paper. Between my job and writing I go through a LOT of paper.

Sorted the coat area. The rice bucket came out of here which made some nice room for boots.

The laundry room has laundry waiting, but I’ll get to that shortly. Most of what’s in the basket is from our cleaning efforts.

And finally, my writing area!

The paperwork spread out on my desk is revisions of ‘Murky Water’.

Doesn’t it look cozy?

There’s still some work to do, but the bulk of it is done! I’ll let you know how it goes.