Super Early Happy Mother’s Day!

Ya’ll… ya’ll, I couldn’t wait.

I found a Mother’s Day present for my mom, and it was PERFECT, so I went in with my brother and went ahead and ordered it, not realizing that the town it was in was ReedsBURG not ReadsTOWN.

Readstown is not terribly far… a hike but not impossible.

Reedsburg is… a drive.

But I’d already ordered it, and the guy was making it and… **headdesk**

So, Thursday my dad and I drove FOREVER to pick up Mom’s present, and here it is! A cedar raised planter!!!

I’m so excited to see her plant and enjoy it!

We were going to hide it in the garage, but my mom goes in the garage all the time and would have found it, so we just put it on the porch for her where it will probably sit.

She likes it! <3

So, what do you think would grow well in it? It has full sun for about 6 hours a day.

2 thoughts on “Super Early Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. Thank you so much!!Joe won’t be able to eat my green beans!

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