Garden Planning

I sat down this Saturday and worked out what I would plant where, including my Greenstalk planters.

Did you know that you can plant CORN in a Greenstalk?!? I’m super excited about the options involved.

A lovely person in the Greenstalk Facebook page came up with a chart for laying out what you planted in each spot, and I’ll be using that later when I actually plant, but here’s the rough.

For the existing raised beds along the driveway:

LOOOOOOOTS of tomatoes.

Then the straw beds I’ll be putting in on the other side of the driveway:

I’m looking at putting some of my amaranth and such in them, only on the side closest to the driveway so they don’t shade the potatoes.

The Greenstalks! I have seven. The planting is split by tier, 1 the lowest, 7 the highest:

The other page:

And then the chart someone posted on the Greenstalk Facebook page:

It’s under files on their official page – not mine to share! But if you have this style of stacked pot, would be useful to you!

I have a LOT of seeds now, and I’ve been keeping them in photo storage cases since they’re JUST the right size for seed packets.

I can store the plans right on top of them.

There’s sixteen in each, rainbow shades in this one and blue/green/purples in the other:

And to give you an idea of the size:

The containers weren’t terribly expensive, and this is an easy way to store seeds needly.

What are your garden plans?